Alex de Fluvià | 09.26.2013 / 11.30.2013






Oracle B


In this fourth solo show at Galeria Balaguer, Àlex de Fluvià explores the notion of what being an artist in this day and age really means. De Fluvià believes that painting is still an essential (and courageous) creative act of significant relevance in this digital and globalized era. In a world overflowing with information, confronting the blank canvas to describe and suggest experiential perspectives is still possible.

However in De Fluvia’s view, in order to achieve its objectives, painting as a discipline is constantly renovating itself and evolving …incorporating extrapictoric elements and turning into something of a hybrid and rather ambiguous.

Oracle, is a show open to various interpretations in comparison to his last show at Galeria Balaguer, “The Big Picture”.

In his own words:

“The title of this new show is not gratuitous. I use the Oracle as a poetic figure to interpret and understand today’s world with all its ramifications and realities.

For the ancient Greek, the Oracle was synonymous with a truth or unavoidable sentence that could be subject to interpretation.

In an unstable world like ours, the message from an Oracle would certainly be interpreted in many ways based on political, religious or financial contexts and interests. To illustrate this point, the pieces opening the exhibit are titled Oracle A and Oracle B.

On the other hand, the Oracle may also be the figure that is able to enlighten a confused world suffering an existential crisis. A world lacking in ethical and aesthetic row-models and with low self-esteem. Perhaps, the Oracle is that figure that might refer us to a brighter and hopeful future pointing the way to the unknown that is yet to happen.

Lastly, the Oracle symbolizes the Mediterranean, which is always an essential element which permeates my paintings. “



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